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On May 21st of this year it was announced that Yordenis Ugas would take on Manny Pacquiao. During this time the worlds number one boxing designer Javier Zinzun Jr seeks out to design the one and only Yordenis Ugas’s wardrobe for this match. Javier Zinzun Jr was going to be the one to design these shorts given his experience he already had with many other champions in the industry. Throughout all of the MGM group the billboards of Javier Zinzun Jr. the worlds number one boxing designer can be seen. This was once again another huge accomplishment for Javier Zinzun Jr. Plus did we mention that Ugas beat Pacquiao? Yes, Ugas was the winner of this match and therefore the attention and eyes were all set on Ugas. He was the main focus as well as his wardrobe for this match. Once again Javier Zinzun Jr has made history with his unique and personalized designs.