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Its an honor to talk about our very own Javier Zinzun Jr speaking at a motivational event in Biloxi, Mississippi. He took the time to speak to at risk individuals about the different obstacles he had to overcome. The worlds number one boxing designer opened up about his like like none other. He shared his personal failures, fall backs, however closed with all the positive that now surrounds his life. The moment he decided to stop being in the dark. The Amateur event that Javier Zinzun Jr participated was to raise awareness for mental health nationwide. From his own words this is what the worlds number one boxing designer shared about his experience at the event. I changed my life so can you . Let’s change the world together. What an honor to speak about mental illness @sugarbertboxing Amateure show !   @jill_diamond_chastain @wbccares for having me ! The future ! Win or loose just know the future is here for you ! Let’s goooo!!!

Many of you may not know but Javier Zinzun Jr overcame many obstacles including drugs and alcohol. He decided that he did not want to be that person. He wanted to make his name known. This has made him into become the founder of I got my own back, he is the worlds number one boxing designer that we get to talk about. Many people now look up to him. This is what he wanted. To make a change in his life and to make others look that anyone can come out of the dark and make a name for themselves.