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Casimero is a hot up and coming young fighter that is currently working with the best boxing designer in the world.  There is a reason why all the pros turn to JR from IGMOB.   Javier Zinzun Jr is becoming a legend in the sport, the pros turn to him for his high quality designs, comfort and extraordinary turn around times.


When other people say they can’t do the orders the future of boxing Mr. Zinzun is here to help.   Casimero trusts IGMOB for all his outfits because he knows that he trains very hard for his fights and it’s his life.  When a fighter steps in the ring he needs not only the confidence from a great design but also needs to have comfort so he can preform well.  IGMOB shorts are the reason why Javier Zinzun Jr. is the #1 designer in the world.  That title is not for publicity it really is.

Working with such big names as:  Canelo Alavarez, Ryan Garcia, Logan Paul just to name a few, Javier Zinzun jr. has been the go to designer for all big name paperview fights and events.

If you are in the market for a pair of custom made shorts or a custom outfit for your next big fight call the pros at IGMOB or send us a DM on instagram.  Javier will personally outfit for your next event and custom tailer make a pair of boxing shorts for you!