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Welcome fight fans to the official blog of IGMOB the world’s #1 boxing designer.   Today we take an inside look into the live of FaZe clan member Jarvis.  If you are into gaming you can recognize the celebrity status of Jarvis from his domination of FPS games like fortnite.  With his 3,000,000+ fans on his social media and millions of subscribers on youtube Jarvis could only have gone to one place to get his custom fight outfit IGMOB!

Javier Zinzin Jr. is labeled the world’s number 1 boxing designer for a reason, he creates high quality custom boxing fits for all occasions.  Whether you are a world champion or an amateur just working on getting up in the ranks you will get the VIP treatment working with I Got My Own Back.

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Before we start to go over the custom fight outfit we want to thank Jarvis for his first professional win.   Jarvis absolutely crushed his opponent inside the ring and on the runway. Wearing a custom outfit by IGMOB not only gives you a high quality performance product but you get a huge confidence boost in the ring.  Unlike other proclaimed boxing designers,  Javier Zinzun Jr. is not only a fan of the sport but he also trains competitively as a hobby.

When asked about what were the challenges of creating the custom fight outfit for Jarvis, Javier Zinzun replied “It was an honor to be working with up and coming fighters from the youtube space., I treat all my customers the same whether you are just starting out or you are going into a million dollar fight, there is a reason why the biggest names in boxing choose our brand we get stuff done on time and create great looking art pieces.  This Jarvis piece was not hard at all, I like to get to know my clients, see their interest, understand their tastes so when they grant me the honor of creating their outfits I give it my all”

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From the youtube video posted online that now boast over 2 Million + views you can see that Jarvis was very excited to meet Javier Zinzun Jr. from IGMOB.  The details of the outfit really show the quality of work you are getting when working with the world’s best boxing designer.    Javier Zinzun goes above and beyond for every outfit because he knows that the world will be watching.

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If you rewatch the youtube video you can see the sections of the video where you notice logos, the colors and the cut of the short all blend together.  The jacket and outfit really show of the true character of Jarvis.    Not only is it important if you are fighting to look great in the ring but also perform at the highest level, what better way to do this then to be wearing shorts created by the world’s number 1 boxing designer Javier Zinzin Jr.


If you are in the market for a custom fight outfit please DM us on instagram or send us an email we will be happy to help you on your next big boxing event.  Thank you for taking the time to read our blog we look forward to working with you in the near future.