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The world’s #1 boxing designer has done it again!   Check out this testimonial from Jose Ulloa “El Castigador”.  Jose came to IGMOB for a custom outfit and left with his mind blown by the future of boxing.  Mr. Javier Zinzun Jr.

If you are looking for a high quality boxing truck design for your next fight look no further than IGMOB.   Javier Zinzun Jr is known for being the world’s number one boxing designer.  When you step into the ring for a fight you need to not only look the best but also perform at the highest level in the game, a pair of shorts from IGMOB will not only make you do that but give you the edge with hits maximum comfort and style for your next championship fight.   Let the experts and world’s number one boxing designer Javier Zinzun Jr. let you design your next outfit!

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