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“this is the most fire shit I have ever worn in my entire life” Austin McBroom

“It’s as light as a feather” are some of the quotes used to describe this boxing fit created by the world’s #1 Boxing designer IGMOB.   For your next outfit you know who to use!


With the success of youtubers now entering the boxing world stage, the social media stars need to be working with the best designer in the world.   When they have big PPV events they know who to turn to, IGMOB!    Javier Zinzun got the honor of designing the boxing outfits for the ace family.  Aside from producing the high profile boxing design for Austin Mcbroom he also created the dress for the wife Catherin Mcbroom for her fight night event.

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Igmob is known as the future of boxing but these two outfits really set the stage on this PPV main event.   The details used for both the fighter of the night and also the wife make a great pair and the couples outfit really shined.   Most people don’t know but Javier Zinzun the mastermind behind IGMOB can do it all.  When asked what he likes to design most he answered “When it comes to design I feel I can design anything.  I study fashion and sometimes I see what other people do and say to myself I can make this better, I don’t like to promote that I make suits or dresses but if someone asks me to I am here to help”

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One thing to remember when creating a high quality boxing trunk the most important aspect of the design is how the boxer feels in the ring.  You can have a very flamboyant designer but if the boxer is not comfortable you can be waisting a lot of money and bring down the boxers performance.  IGMOB is known for not only looking great but performing at the highest level.   There have been times that some fighters have been promoted to main event just by the way they look.  In recent times, Matchroom boxing CEO has been quoted that he he promoted undercard boxer Marc Castillo due to the way he looked and his outfit to the main event on the card.   The importance of having a high quality boxing outfit is just that and there is a reason why IGMOB is the worlds number one boxing designer.

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On of the advantages of working with IGMOB is how the boxing outfit flows.  Check out the details of the trunk not only is this boxing outfit looking great but the construction and the tiny details make it all work.  The blinged out swarovski crystals add a unique touch without sacrificing the weight of the garment, they really make the boxing trunks shine.    All the details of the outfit from the side panels to the belt construction to the sponsorship placement make this design one of a kind.   Austin Mcbroom has been noted saying that this is the most fire fit he has every worn.  IGMOB is here to stay and is the world’s number one boxing designer for the future.