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What an honor not only to have a heart to heart conversation with Manny Pacquiao, but to also have the opportunity to present him with a special fight trunk that I designed for him 1 of 2 which he sighed one for me . A lot of you know I overdosed on feb 17th 2011. I lived a careless and immature life . As soon as I started opening up about my life story and the way I grew up and why I became a bad boy Manny leans back against a massage table at wild card and starts listening. Manny opened up to me about his past and things that he too is also not proud of . He didn’t judge me , he listened and we shared our stories to the point where Manny stops me and says look Jr “ I have goosebumps “ we are not so different. Manny experienced something in his life that I too felt and knew nobody would believe me if I told them . We both felt god, now I know it sounds crazy but in my life only two people have felt what we felt and the other person is Professional boxer Ryan Garcia who I also had a heart to heart conversation with. Maybe a lot of people have felt what we felt but are scared to talk about it . I will never forget the way we laughed, the way we both got goosebumps with each others stories and even getting a little emotional . I learned so much about Paquiao and even got the honor of watching him train . So much more was said in our conversation but when we laughed together that was definitely a moment . Thank you Sean Gibbons for the opportunity of meeting such a legend .

Manny Paquiao signs his name on a piece of boxing history on a 1 of 2 boxing limited edition trunks ,

Javier Zinzun Jr.

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